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Kids Games Collection - FREE

4.4 ( 2144 ratings )
Amusement Onderwijs
Developer: Thaily Cristina Rodrigues Caceffo


"The perfect app for kids of all ages!"

"Kids Games Collection" is a fun and educational game collection for iPad, iPhone and iPod designed specially for children.


- Find it! (Free Version) *
- Find it! (Full Version)
- Cool Letters Game!
- Save the Butterfly
- The Dog and his Bone
- Deliver if you can
- The Starving Cat

* The download of "Kids Games Collection" is free, but allowing access only to the game "Find it! (Free version)". All other games must be unlocked (purchased) individually.


- Children love it!
- Games developed with educational proposals, helping children motor and cognitive development
- HD images
- Animations, hidden objects and many surprises!
- Music control
- Score
- Developed for iPad and iPhone/iPod


- Find it!
In this game you must find the hidden object! Children will search for animated cats, dogs, butterflies, fruits and many more!

- Cool Letters Game
Game specially designed to promote childrens familiarity with letter forms.
At each level a different letter must be identified and found before time is over.

- Save the Butterfly
Danger, the forest is on fire! In this game the kids must identify and save the right butterfly before the forest is destroyed!

- The Dog and his Bone
Arthur is a very nice dog, but also careless: he lost all of his bones! In this game the kids must find the Arthur’s bones and take them for him!

- Deliver if you can
Which gift would you bring for the birthday party? In this game you must find and put inside the box the right gift, in less than 30 seconds! Are you prepared?

- The Starving Cat
Meow is a loose cat and want to eat all time! In this game you must find the food Meow asked and take it to him... but beware, because he loves to hide in the most unlikely places!